And the Award goes to…A list of drool worthy holiday homes Down Under

You work hard all year through and when you take off for a vacation, you deserve to not only get the best value for your money but also make sure that you actually make the best holiday memories ever, each time and every time.

How do you know that the place you intend to holiday is the right one for you? Well, to start with, you need to do your research well. You should be able to see the pictures on the internet source and simultaneously also read the reviews if any that are posted by the people of their own experiences. Positive reviews and experiences boost the confidence of people and definitely helps to create a customer base. It is also noteworthy here that even a single bad review or unhelpful experience has the potential of ruining the prospects of a particular place.

That is why people who are attached to the hospitality industry go all out to pamper their guests and woo them back to their hotels, resorts and holiday homes. They know it very well that their business will be booming only if there is good word in the market and they can be ruined if anyone tries to shatter their image. The following is a list of the best of the best holiday homes that are found in Australia. The list was derived from the internet after listing down various criteria that are essential for a great holiday home.

The five main categories for determining which place stays on this list are:

The Quality of the holiday home;

The area on which the holiday place is situated;

The kind of deals that the company comes up with;

The additional features like spa, private pool, view from the balcony, etc and

How family friendly the place is.

How pet friendly the place is also!


Some of the places in the list are simply there because of their quirk value. The remaining because they are the ultimate in luxury. So whatever it is, whether you are looking for some happy moments with your loved ones or trying to steal some moments from everyone and go soul-searching, we have all of them on the list. Keep calm and read on.

Church port McDonnell, Allendale:

This south Australian holiday destination is, hold your breath, a church! So, if you are someone that absolutely freaks out with something for its quirkiness, we bet you will love to visit this holiday spot and call it your home as long as you can afford to be away from work!


French style Boulevard in Bellaire Peninsula, Victoria:


This five room estate sitting on an expansive 38 acre property in Victoria is the eye candy of everyone around. The style of construction is rural French and so it recreates the magic. Tadaa!


Cliff top home in Hepburn, Victoria:


Have you ever stayed on a cliff top and overlooked at pine trees below and bushes around? Take our word, it is magical! You may be transported to another world but hang on for the best ever experience of your life.


A house by the Sanctuary:

If nature endears you and you relate to the wildlife, then you must make it to the Deep Creek Sanctuary in the south. The huge mansion like house has a big garden with native plants that grow there. it can be quite a feast for your eyes.


If you travel along with the family:

You love to get your family along? Granted! The County House at Hunter Valley is a big place to be able to afford privacy to all your family members and still stay under one roof. This is because the family that holiday together always stays together.

How about a tree dwelling idea?

If you and your partner ever decide to make it together, then Sunshine Beach Garden in Queensland is ideal. The balmy climate and the romance in the air can magically transform nerves and the best part about it is that is absolutely affordable. There you are the best and yet the best of the best lined up for you and waiting to be booked. Try making an early booking as they might slip off your hands if you are slightly late in booking them.

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