Who Am I

When I invite you to my world, I am inviting you to come see the world from my eyes, it is the way I see it! Okay, enough of riddles. I am a private tour operator and I organize custom tours and be spoke sightseeing packages. Now if you are wondering why custom and bespoke, let me elucidate.

You see folks, there are three kinds of tourists. The first one who will prefer to book their packages from group tour operators and these tour operators hand them over their traveling itinerary. So, no changes allowed in the Scheduled. In Egypt, pyramids it is on the first day; the second day is the Ancient Pharonic Museum and the last couple of days is a cruise on the Nile.

The second ones are the people who don’t care for packages. They like to groove it by themselves. They are their own bosses. They schedule and they execute.The third category of the travelers is who I cater to. My specialty lies in giving you the best of your holiday experience based entirely on your hobbies, recreation and interests. For instance if you are the athletic kind, we will arrange your travel and participation in the local chapter of a marathon! Of course that was a real example we did for a couple from Alabama who wanted to visit India in the summer.  

So, if you are more inclined to something, we help you explore that aspect of the county you are visiting. This can satiate your wanderlust and at the same time help you make wonderful memories to take back home. Come on now, we might be late!


Our Amazing Team









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Johnny Blaze


Our Prices

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    • Basic

      $ 30

      Per Month

      • 1 Land
      • 1 Plot
      • 1 Apartment
      • 1 Terrace
      • 1 Condominium
      • 1 Duplex
    • Popular

      $ 60

      Per Month

      • 7 Land
      • 7 Plot
      • 7 Apartment
      • 7 Terrace
      • 7 Condominium
      • 7 Duplex
    • Premier

      $ 90

      Per Month

      • 5 Land
      • 5 Plot
      • 5 Apartment
      • 5 Terrace
      • 5 Condominium
      • 5 Duplex

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